July 3rd, 2010

Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies were created by Warner Brothers to compete with Disney's musical animations called Silly Symphonies. Between 1930 and 1969 they produced 1000 shorts which originally aired in movie theaters. After 1969 they found new life on broadcast TV where they were syndicated. Unless you are old enough to have seen them in the theater or sought them out on DVD, then you've probably never seen them uncut.

What follows are 136 of the best Looney Tunes shorts organized to be shown over the course of a weekend. The Masterpieces Section includes the very best of the other sections and it, along with the Dinner Specials and other Saturday Evening sections, can be shown independently as an evening program. The numerical notation after each title denotes the volume and disk number where each short can be located on the Looney Tunes Golden Collection. A notation of Download means it does not exist yet on DVD.

Broadcast versions of these shorts cut out a variety of scenes for a variety of reasons. Racial stereotypes, sexual innuendo, and excessive violence were the most common cause. In most cases, I have not noted those edits. You can assume images of lazy minorities, suicide, children playing with guns, etc. were all cut or scaled back. However, I have noted censorship where the reasons go beyond those most common issues.

Understand that in today's day and age, the full, uncut versions are not intended for children, and parents should be warned to be cautious.


The individual summaries presented here were copied, cobbled, distilled, edited, and otherwise plagiarized from various sources including Wikipedia, IMDB, Cartoon Database, and Looney Tunes Golden Collection Documentaries. The introductions to the major sections are completely original.